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Rear wiper replacement help

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Hey everybody,

This topic might seem stupid but I'm genuinely not finding information about this regarding my 2018 GT. The manual states that I just lift the blade to service it. I cant find any videos for my specific model but all similar year model Hyundai rear wiper videos all show the OP's just lifting the arm. My rear wiper cannot rotate or lift at all with any regular amount of force and I don't want to break it. Its due for a change, its barely clearing water from view.

I don't want to ask my local dealer for help because they didn't know how to put the front blades into service mode and when I picked up the car from the lot (neither did I at the time) and they gouged the paint on the hood of my car.

If there is a trick or specific way to lift the arm (like the front blades), any help would be appreciated.
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Just pull up a little harder, it won’t break.


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Just pull up a little harder, it won’t break.
thank you for the reply. After reading your message I went out there and gave it a good yank and it came up. Guess im just being too careful, though it does seem a bit unatural how tough it is.
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