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Velossa Tech Big Mouf & Silver Trim Repair

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I've been waiting to do this for a bit.
While Velossa has instructions on how to do it. They're not very good.
Since I'm a Hyundai Employee ... I get access to their* TECHINFO, which has instructions how to remove the front bumper cover. (Which you really only need to remove one side, but you run the risk of snapping the other side.)

1: Open the hood, and shove that hook into it's hole. It's time to get serious.
2: Take a flat screwdriver and put some tape or a piece of cloth/paper towel and remove the 6 clips on the "sight shield"
3: Go to the fender liners and remove the 3 clips (these I didn't care about how they looked, so I took off the tape) on each side.
4: Take an 8mm socket (with a small socket wrench) and take out the retaining screw in the Fender-Bumper Cover Bracket
5: Carefully yank on the bumper from the wheel well on each side, untill the bumper cover comes off the side you're on, and repeat on the other side.
6: Unplug the Headlight connections. And or the fog light wiring (The PD GTN-Line don't have the fog light harness. There is just one connection into the Headlight)
7: Place bumper aside, and on something where it won't get scratches. (Don't use a fitted sheet like I did)
8: Undo the 10mm bolts that hold on the Intake duct on the front of the Radiator Support.
9: Chuck that thing across the yard, for being dumb and not sporty (take bolts off and put them in a safe place before you do so, if you want to ever go back to stock)
10: Install your brand new (or used if you got it used) Velossa Tech Big Mouf Intake Duct
11: The provided bolts have a hex head, which is 5mm. (For some reason my 5mm socket/hex combo didn't fit, so either use a really long Allen key/hex key/hex doo-hickey, to get those nice and snug) Also use the washers provided.
Reverse steps 9-6,4-1 to put your bumper cover back on.
Step 5 on the re-assembly side is to carefully pop all those retaining loops back in as hard, and as gently as possible; so your body lines are flush and everything goes together as well as possible.

If you broke any clips the part number for them are: 86595-2T500.

If you needed to repair your silver/red trim on the lower portion, I'd recommend doing it now.

I will note however: if your skid plate is damage and the hooks aren't lining up with the silver loops, you need a new skid plate or bumper cover.
My Rh, (or passenger side) was scuffed up a lot.
My Lh, (driver's side) one of the loops was broken.

When I worked at my old Dealership, I ordered these parts and got them for the five finger discount, due to my Service Manager just telling me to bill anything to any of the Used Cars, and then keeping it if I wanted it. They normally go for around ~$15 USD each side, and the middle and rear are around ~$25USD

Unfortunately I didn't make sure they were the Lh&Rh, so I got two Rh trim pieces. Attached are the part numbers.

These are held in by two screws, and some retaining loops/hooks. Take those out and reinstall, and be careful to not break those loops/hooks on the way back in.

Have fun, and go slow.


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