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Last week I install these BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers(formerly BLOXsport) for my Honda Civic FC.

The kit includes wheel spacers, wheel studs and wheel lug nuts, bought 4 pcs on eBay.
Thanks to my friend, Jack, he helped me to choose the right spacers:

1.The first thing to do is measuring:
To choose the right spacers, you need to measure the data including PCD, CB, and thicking. Check the wheel lug nuts seat of the wheels. It is important to get accurate numbers before buying. I used wheel spacers 5x114.3(5x4.5) front 15mm(0.6inch) rear 20mm(0.8inch) with hubcentic.

2. Second to Care: Material
Good material for good performance. The tensile strength of 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy can reach as high as 310MPa, Compared to 6061 Aluminum Alloy(125MPa), an increase of 150%.
T6, which means metal state, there is a difference between 6061 and 6061-T6.

3. Forming Process: Forging or Casting?
Generally, forging must undergo continuous punching to form, with tight internal organization and good mechanical properties. And casting is to cast molten aluminum on a sand mold and wait for it to cool before machining, the internal structure is loose, the density is low, and the mechanical properties are lower than forging.

4. Anti-rust process: Dacromet, Chrome Plating, Galvanizing…
Normally say, Dacromet is a "green plating", will not producing any waste water or waste gas during the process. Besides, the anti-rust performance of Dacromet is better than chrome plating and galvanizing. What’s more, chrome plating may produce “Hydrogen embrittlement”, which is harmful for metal.

5. Brand LOGO:
Logo on the wheel spacers adapters, which means responsibility. Remember to choose those spacers with brand logo. To ensure the after-sales service.

Drove for a week, more handful, more stable turning. Besides, the overall is more flush and full.
Just like what I want! There is not any problem after install these wheel spacers, feel free to modify.

Thanks for reading. Any questions are welcomed.
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