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Zada Tech boost gauge mount

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I made this a few months ago. I bought a zada tech boost because it closely match the cluster display. I made the gauge mount out of 1/8 abs and the trim from 1/16 abs. I traced a photo of the grill off the internet that happened to be the right sized. Then I used a razor to cut a front and a back out of 1/8 abs. I spaced the front and back with 1/8 and ca glued them together. I then heated up a strip of 1/16 abs and formed it around to make the trim. I painted the mount with satin black and used vvivid satin red chrome vinyl for the trim. I ca glued the two pieces together and screwed the gauge in. I notched the shroud in front of the cluster and have some 1/8 abs coming down that the mount slides into.


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